At Bark Joinery we offer a range of specialist skills, ranging from cabinet-making to furniture design and produce excellent fitted and freestanding items that are both stylish and practical. We manufacture all our products from the best quality materials, including solid timber, veneers, glass, and stone fixtures all in a variety of colours and fittings, completely bespoke to you. The manufacture and installation are all carried out professionally by us.

How Do I Get Started?

Once you’ve contacted us to discuss your initial ideas and requirements, we’ll visit you with various samples to discuss your needs and design ideas in further detail. We can advise on design solutions and discuss the various options of colours, wood finishes, dimensions and any other criteria.

Alternatively, you may already have a design in mind. You can send this to us, including all the information and drawings you have gathered at that stage, and we can discuss how to take the idea further.

Once the design and quote have been confirmed, we will start manufacturing the relevant sections. Shortly after completion, our installer will arrive to install your furniture on a day best suited to you.

If you have an idea or design your want to chat about, for more information about Bark Joinery, or to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and start generating ideas, contact us today or fill in the online enquiry form.